0.8.3 Release: “I once went out on a date with a pure cybernetic conscious and awoke the next morning with a headache”

Download here.

Yet another big release. Changes include:

  • AI opponents! Now, you don’t even need friends to bring the world to financial ruin.
  • A proper pre-game lobby screen.
  • A lot of background technical changes

Read the included “Version History” document for a (mostly) complete list of changes.

This release is (as far as I can tell) vastly less buggy than those before it, and much closer to a feature-complete beta. I’ve got sixteen monkeys working out the public Internet problem right now.

On Thursday, August 30th, Steam Greenlight comes out, and I hope to put my project on there then. Neocolonialism on Steam would be a wonderful, wonderful thing, so get ready to vote if you have an account!

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