0.9.4. release is out! 2

(Reposted on my Kickstarter page)

The latest alpha release is out! Download here.

Major changes include:

  • If you contributed $10 or more to the Kickstarter campaign, you are listed in the credits*
  • Chat functionality has been restored
  • Elections not longer take a turn (you can immediately propose policy afterwards) and there are re-elections every three turns. This rule rule is a bit experimental and I’m not sure how it will affect gameplay. It has been implemented in order to discourage players from hording Prime Minister positions, and to make the proposing/ratifying mechanic more interesting.

The (nearly) full list of changes can be found in the version history pdf.

This will be the last alpha release. Unless there is some game-breaking bug that I have not found, I will be devoting all efforts towards the beta, which I intend to release in March.

I have spent much of the past week working on the game, and organizing the Kickstarter rewards. The wallpapers will soon be ready for those who pledged $50 or more, and for those who pledged $25 or more the downloadable soundtrack shortly after that. If you’re in one of those groups of people, expect an email in the near-future.

I also have a really cool feature in DigBoston:

subaltern Fact: I am in fact green-skinned, with dark stripes running through me.

Keep checking this space, or on my Kickstater page, for further updates on Neocolonialism’s development!

*Due to the limitations of the game engine I am working in, I cannot easily list in the credits any names that include letters other than those commonly found in the English language (e.g. Æ or Ó). So, I re-wrote them (e.g. AE or O). I felt that this was the best solution to a really stupid problem. If, however, it matters a lot to you that your name be spelled as you originally wrote it, please email me at subalterngames at gmail dot com and I’ll try to come up with a better solution.

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