Yearly Archives: 2012

Dear NRA, So apparently, this happened in my universe. I barely know how to respond to this. Are you actually suggesting that an exchange of gunshots, provided that it culminates in the malcontent’s death, constitutes an acceptable scenario in a typical day at school? What the hell? Why are we […]

An Open Letter to the NRA

December and January are going to be a very busy time for Subaltern Games (and, by proxy, myself…). This is what’s up: I will be showcasing Neocolonialism at MAGfest from January 3rd-6th. If you’re in the area, you should check it out! Concurrent with the showcase, I hope to kickstart […]

Events ahoy!

Give a take a day. As far as I can decipher from last year’s daily planner, September 14th was when I first started talking to my friend Rob (listed in the credits as the Visionary of the project) about what a game about globalization might look like. I first released […]

Neocolonialism is one year old!

What a week it has been for Neocolonialism! Thousands of visitors to the Greenlight page, hundreds to this blog, tens of downloads, squillions of comments about the map being upside down. Much thanks to the many people who have commented here and on its Greenlight page. With a little (or […]

Steam Greenlight: One Week Later