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Among many talks at Games for Change was one by some Valve representatives about education. Specifically, they have begun to advocate usage of their Perpetual Testing Initiative in classrooms. The Perpetual Testing Initiative, to summarize the hyperlink, is a mod tool for Portal 2 that allows you to build your […]

Valve and Eduational Games

“Why is the map upside down?” I should start recording the instances and circumstances of this question. It’s usually the first thing people ask about Neocolonialism. It really bothers some people, at a gut level. As if they saw submarines crawling down a busy city street. It’s just not The […]

The most frequent comment

Neocolonialism is online! Click “DOWNLOAD” to check it out. This is a big day for me, for Subaltern Games, Neocolonialism the game, Neocolonialism the conceptual framework, and the American Northeast Coast. I’ve been working on this game since September, 2011, and it’s a wonderful feeling to finally, FINALLY, have a […]

First Release!