Monthly Archives: March 2013

(re-posted on Neocolonialism’s Kickstarter page) Sorry for the delay… I had family and sleep to attend to. PAX is huge. See this? That is a small fraction of PAX, and far from the most crowded. Also, PAX was awesome. I had a booth on Saturday on Sunday that I shared […]

PAX! (belatedly)

(re-posted on Neocolonialism’s Kickstarter page) The Indie Megabooth website is up! Look for Neocolonialism in the trailer at 1:44. I will be busy busy busy during PAX. The itinerary is as follows: Thursday, March 21st 12pm: I will be on a panel at the MIT Business in Gaming Conference (“Funding […]

10 Days Until PAX…

(re-posted on Neocolonialism’s Kickstarter page) This weekend, I attended the MassDigi 2013 Game Challenge, a competition for which team can give the best pitch for the game prototype/concept. Neocolonialism was the runner-up for best indie serious game! Approximately 40 teams attended, and around 12 of those made it to the […]

I won a thing!