Monthly Archives: April 2013

(re-posted on Neocolonialism’s Kickstarter page) So the beta is once again delayed. I had been aiming for April, and I’m running out of April, so… May. This is partially because A) all of Boston went mad last week, and B) the new look has taken time to implement that I […]

Beta Update

(re-posted on Neocolonialism’s Kickstarter page) To those who responded to last week’s update, thank you for your feedback! In a surprise twist, though, a third graphical option arose. This is going to be the new look for Neocolonialism: Special thanks Tom Enzi, one of my Kickstarter backers, for helping me […]

Neocolonialism’s New Look

(re-posted on Neocolonialism’s Kickstarter page) Hey everyone, Neocolonialism might have a cooler-looking interface, thanks to the work of a friend who gave me some background art. However, I cannot decide how I feel about the result. So, I’m asking for feedback! This is how the game looks right now: This […]

Feedback requested