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(Re-posted from Kickstarter) One day more… another day, another destiny. —John le Carré October 2014 C.E. witnessed the final day of No Pineapple Left Behind’s Kickstarter campaign. For twenty-nine days, Subaltern Games had slogged through Twitter, endured repeated stress injuries, did that thing where they got bored with the playlist […]

One Day More

(Re-posted on the Kickstarter page) The Three Days With a grimness that would have made the soldiers at the Battle of Lepanto blush, the members of Subaltern Games met circa mid-October 2014 C.E. and reviewed their circumstances. In twenty-four days, they had raised over $11K, but their best computations suggested that this […]

Three Days

(Re-posted as a Kickstarter Update) The Minstrels in the Gallery In ages past, bards and mad prophets told epic tales of No Pineapple Left Behind from the mead-halls of frigid Nordaustlandet. Below are some excerpts: “Oh gosh, I love this concept – enough even to swallow my frustration with the fiddly […]

Thick as a Kickstarter

We are proud to announce that we will be collaborating with Jacobin Magazine to help promote our upcoming game, No Pineapple Left Behind. Jacobin is, according to its website, a leading voice of the American left, offering socialist perspectives on politics, economics, and culture. The print magazine is released quarterly […]

ANNOUNCING: Jacobin Sponsorship!

Our first trailer for No Pineapple Left Behind: We are currently still working on the alpha prototype. We still haven’t made most of the features we want in the game (for example, there are no human children), and the features we have made don’t work very well. So…. we are Kickstarting on […]

TRAILER! And a big announcement…