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Amanda Watkins  – Concept and Environmental Artist Currently Playing (and Loving): LUFTRAUSERS “How do you feel about drawing pineapples?” It was a simple enough question. They’re sweet, tasty when dried, pleasant enough to look at, and are a prime example of the fibonacci spiral. In all, it’s safe to say I […]

Working with Subaltern

Marley Magner – Sound Designer and Composer The plan for the sound of NPLB (so far) will be a fun mix of voice acting and analog synthesizers. We want to create a soundtrack that is fun and ‘cartoony’, but also somewhat realistic and ‘sterile’ to remind the player sonically of his or her childhood.

Making sound effects for NPLB

In No Pineapple Left Behind, the students must study the foreign language spoken by cantaloupes. The venerable Jared Gimbel (long may he reign) has constructed a  Cantaloupian language, complete with grammatical rules and irregular conjugations. All of it will be spoken in-game, probably without subtitles. Here is a page from a […]