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We are working on teacher spellcasting effects. Kelly, our Chaos Sorcerer, has made “finalish” videos of two spells. (We haven’t added sound yet.) Memorizer is the default spell that all teachers know. Students learn a little bit, and turn into children very slowly. Ironic Schenectady is a much more advanced spell. Only […]

Memorizer and Ironic Schenectady

…Marshall Johnson. Marshall is a long-time fan of Subaltern Games. This is his current profile picture: Regarding the raffle, Marshall said on Facebook that he is “an apricot wrapped in a pineapple inside a pumpkin.” We hope that our new portrait of Marshall clarifies this point:   Share this post […]

And the Winner of the Raffle Is…

As anyone who has seen us lately can attest, our heads turned into pineapples: You too could have a pineapple head. We are raffling ’em off! Our artist, Amanda Watkins, will turn a photo of your face into a pineapple. To be in the raffle, share our Facebook announcement. The winner will be […]

We Are Raffling Pineapple Portraits

Seth Alter – Captain of Industry Story-time. My old school was poorly, poorly managed. Were your school’s administrators this crappy? Crappier? In my hometown, the junior high school (7th grade – 9th grade) was across the parking lot from the senior high school (10th grade – 12th grade). This is a really weird […]

The Day My School’s Roof Caught on Fire

Marley Magner – Sound Designer and Composer Last week’s sound effect used an instrument called a Theremin to achieve a synthetic cartoony character sound. But it is very difficult to use synthesizers to produce mechanical sounds, such as doors and vehicles–in fact, it’s often much faster to actually go out into the world and record […]

Making Sound Effects for NPLB: Vrooooooooooooom

Seth Alter – Captain of Industry It’s really hard to talk about schools without talking about classes. Computer code typically includes words to be more readable. Some words are customizable but some are reserved words–these words mean a very certain thing, and humans can’t use them to mean something else. So: […]

The Classroom class inherits the Room class