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(Re-posted from Kickstarter) One day more… another day, another destiny. —John le Carré October 2014 C.E. witnessed the final day of No Pineapple Left Behind’s Kickstarter campaign. For twenty-nine days, Subaltern Games had slogged through Twitter, endured repeated stress injuries, did that thing where they got bored with the playlist […]

One Day More

(Re-posted on the Kickstarter page) The Three Days With a grimness that would have made the soldiers at the Battle of Lepanto blush, the members of Subaltern Games met circa mid-October 2014 C.E. and reviewed their circumstances. In twenty-four days, they had raised over $11K, but their best computations suggested that this […]

Three Days

(Re-posted as a Kickstarter Update) The Minstrels in the Gallery In ages past, bards and mad prophets told epic tales of No Pineapple Left Behind from the mead-halls of frigid Nordaustlandet. Below are some excerpts: “Oh gosh, I love this concept – enough even to swallow my frustration with the fiddly […]

Thick as a Kickstarter