Subaltern Games is a rag-tag group of misfits. Some of us live in Boston. The rest wish that they did. We make leftist satirical games.

Seth Alter - Captain of Industry

Seth used to be a middle school special ed math teacher. He quit that job to found Subaltern Games because he decided that he could make a greater difference in the world through video game development. His favorite color is red.
Danger Donaghey - 3D Rigger / Special Effectspert

Theorizing a [REDACTED] could time travel within his own lifetime, Danger Donaghey pushed his [REDACTED] to 88.8mph and vanished.So Danger Donaghey finds himself leaping from dev role to dev role, striving to put right what once what wrong, and hoping each leap will be the leap home. Danger also enjoys Buckethead, long walks in the rain, and expanding his capabilities in both [REDACTED] and Game Development.
Miguel Gomez Selva – Animator / Concept Artist / Guru

Miguel was born in Barcelona (Spain) in 1985. He studied engineering in industrial design by error and a master in modelling and animation by calling. He has worked as a concept artist and animator in the cinema industry, and as illustrator and architecture visualizations as a freelance. He joined in the Subaltern Games team after reading his fortune in a cookie.

Favorite word: easy
Favorite food: gazpacho
Favorite game: Tetris
Alon Karmi - Professional GUI Wizard

Born and raised in The Amazing Country Of Israel (or, depending on your political opinions, Palestine), Alon Karmi is a graphics designer who specializes in UI/UX design, and also enjoys writing in third person. He also programs small games of his own, as well as produces videos and motion graphics. Basically, if it's about graphics, he's your man.
Marley Magner – Audio

Marley never sent Seth a bio page so Seth wrote it for him. Marley was born on Pluto and raised by a pack of wolves. At the age of 5 he invented the Renaissance. He made the audio for Neocolonialism and No Pineapple Left Behind and is a chill guy.

Past Team Members

Eliot Alter - Programmer

Eliot is Seth's younger brother. He made the server for Neocolonialism. When he is not coding over at a small indie studio called Yelp, he still provides the occasional maintenance update.
Kelly MacNeill - Chaos Sorcerer

A dark being whose true name would shatter the minds of mortals, the entity can only be known as Kelly.
“Code,” the calling could be heard, at first just a whisper.
From the gloom that lurked in the strange place between worlds, it gleaned the old art of video game programming.
And it embraced the gift of madness.
And it beckoned fruit from where there were none.
Amy Mazzucotelli - 3D Artist

Amy is a Pineapple Enthusiast and creator of digital art. Since graduating from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, she has worked as a 3D modeler and illustrator for indie game studios. She also enjoys knitting hats and her favorite color is teal.
Amanda Watkins – Concept Artist / Environmental Artist

Amanda is a 23 year old self proclaimed “jack of all trades master of none”, working on her undergrad in MassArt’s lustrous Studio for Interrelated Media department. She illustrates most of the time, but when given the opportunity she also has a foot in production, animation, teaching, singing, guitaring, gaming, tabletop roleplaying, harvesting the blood of innocents and traveling. She aspires to one day work creatively on something that she would do for free, but is somehow carving a living out of.