Seth Alter

Mastertronic, our publisher, announced this past week that has entered administration (as they say in England), and the company is no more. You can read about it here. We’re sad to see them go; we have worked with Mastertronic for a little under a year, and they have been instrumental […]

Farewell to Mastertronic

The Gregarious Gooseberry is a free update for the No Pineapple Left Behind alpha. Download here. Major changes: We fixed TONS of bugs. If it was broken in the previous build (Fastidious Fig), it probably works now We made TONS of UI improvements too. We added a whole new level […]

ALPHA UPDATE: Gregarious Gooseberry

We just released an update for the No Pineapple Left Behind alpha. Download here.Thanks to all of your feedback, we have identified a lot of bugs that eluded us. These are some quick fixes: Many people noticed a bug in which teachers/children/pineapples could not leave the cafeteria. This was very […]

Update: Fastidious Fig C

Free download here. How it works: It’s free Download it If you really like it and you can donate, please do Please tell us what you think This is definitely a free alpha of No Pineapple Left Behind and definitely not a demo of the final product of the game. […]


Wetereologi is a Cantaloupian magic spell in No Pineapple Left Behind. It’s really funny. This is why. Cantaloupian is the foreign language requirement in NPLB’s school. It was constructed by Jared Gimbel. Cantaloupian is based on a mashup of 12+ languages, and every single word involves wordplay in at least […]


Download for Windows Download for Mac The Laser Museum is: an actual development tool that we use at Subaltern Games to design Lasers and is also the best misunderstanding ever. Every laser in the game has at least three components: an origin effect, a beam, and an end effect (some lasers […]

Laser Museum