Beta news! and some screenshots

(re-posted on my Kickstarter page)

So first I’ll give ya the bad news: The beta for Neocolonialism will probably be ready in April 2013, as opposed to March. In addition to the coding for online games being much trickier than expected, I’ve also been hard at work preparing for MassDigi (where I will be pitching my game in a competition for “Best Indie Serious Game”) and PAX East (where I will be showcasing my game and giving a speech on educational games).

But there is a lot of good news! The beta is looking (and sounding!) really, really good. Here’s some screenshots:




Screenshot - 02262013 - 03:53:42 PM

A few updates on rewards:

Thanks to everyone who has responded to the survey! The credits page in the beta release and onward will have the name which you requested.

>=$25 backs: The soundtrack is almost ready! You’ll receive a download link in the next few days.

>=$100 backers: The T-shirts are almost ready! I’ve placed the order, and they should get to me (and then to you) within a few weeks.

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