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In No Pineapple Left Behind, the students must study the foreign language spoken by cantaloupes.

The venerable Jared Gimbel (long may he reign) has constructed a  Cantaloupian language, complete with grammatical rules and irregular conjugations. All of it will be spoken in-game, probably without subtitles.

Here is a page from a Cantaloupian textbook:

test page-page-001

Other examples:

If I get good grades, I will go to college. Viß Ioŋ bekumam bunaris noutis, Ioŋ þa minema pra laundeyat.

  • Minema = Estonian “to go”
  • pra = para (Portuguese)
  • laundeyat = corruption of English “Loan Debt”

There will be no pineapple left behind. þa let intent ananas ßomm þa let azovanut.

  • Intent = intet (Danish, “none, without”)
  • Ananas = lotsa European languages
  • ssomm = som (Scandinavian)
  • Azovanut = la’azov (Hebrew, to leave)


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