Anything overtly having to do with the making of Neocolonialism.

Mastertronic, our publisher, announced this past week that has entered administration (as they say in England), and the company is no more. You can read about it here. We’re sad to see them go; we have worked with Mastertronic for a little under a year, and they have been instrumental […]

Farewell to Mastertronic

Download for Windows Download for Mac The Laser Museum is: an actual development tool that we use at Subaltern Games to design Lasers and is also the best misunderstanding ever. Every laser in the game has at least three components: an origin effect, a beam, and an end effect (some lasers […]

Laser Museum

Hey everyone. Big news. Remember that time when we launched a Kickstarter for No Pineapple Left Behind and it failed because we didn’t make enough Ottoman Empire jokes? Well, then. Turns out: We’ve been working on NPLB non-stop since the Kickstarter ended. We have been funded by a publisher–Mastertronic. We will […]

No Pineapple Left Behind RETURNS

(Re-posted from Kickstarter) One day more… another day, another destiny. —John le Carré October 2014 C.E. witnessed the final day of No Pineapple Left Behind’s Kickstarter campaign. For twenty-nine days, Subaltern Games had slogged through Twitter, endured repeated stress injuries, did that thing where they got bored with the playlist […]

One Day More

(Re-posted on the Kickstarter page) The Three Days With a grimness that would have made the soldiers at the Battle of Lepanto blush, the members of Subaltern Games met circa mid-October 2014 C.E. and reviewed their circumstances. In twenty-four days, they had raised over $11K, but their best computations suggested that this […]

Three Days