When I am not making snarky educational video games, I am also a human.

Seth Alter – Captain of Industry Story-time. My old school was poorly, poorly managed. Were your school’s administrators this crappy? Crappier? In my hometown, the junior high school (7th grade – 9th grade) was across the parking lot from the senior high school (10th grade – 12th grade). This is a really weird […]

The Day My School’s Roof Caught on Fire

Caroline Murphy made a Twine game about gamification and how it totally sucks. Play it here. I made a “mod” of her game about how exploiting gamification will lead to the collapse of capitalism. You can play it here.


“Why is the map upside down?” I should start recording the instances and circumstances of this question. It’s usually the first thing people ask about Neocolonialism. It really bothers some people, at a gut level. As if they saw submarines crawling down a busy city street. It’s just not The […]

The most frequent comment

Subaltern Games had a booth at the Made in MA party a few days ago, at the Microsoft NERD Center in MIT. I got to show off Neocolonialism, which is rapidly approaching something approximating a complete state. I got overly positive feedback from the people that saw the game. Perhaps […]

Made in MA!