We just released an update for the No Pineapple Left Behind alpha. Download here.Thanks to all of your feedback, we have identified a lot of bugs that eluded us. These are some quick fixes: Many people noticed a bug in which teachers/children/pineapples could not leave the cafeteria. This was very […]

Update: Fastidious Fig C

Free download here. How it works: It’s free Download it If you really like it and you can donate, please do Please tell us what you think This is definitely a free alpha of No Pineapple Left Behind and definitely not a demo of the final product of the game. […]


Our first trailer for No Pineapple Left Behind: We are currently still working on the alpha prototype. We still haven’t made most of the features we want in the game (for example, there are no human children), and the features we have made don’t work very well. So…. we are Kickstarting on […]

TRAILER! And a big announcement…

Marley Magner – Sound Designer and Composer The plan for the sound of NPLB (so far) will be a fun mix of voice acting and analog synthesizers. We want to create a soundtrack that is fun and ‘cartoony’, but also somewhat realistic and ‘sterile’ to remind the player sonically of his or her childhood.

Making sound effects for NPLB

(I’m originally from Jersey, which, among other reasons, is why this nonsense with Governor Christie disrupting traffic patterns to punish mayors that did not endorse his re-election caught my eye.) Objective In this 2-4 player game, you are running for New Jersey State Governor. You must secure votes throughout the […]

Fort Lee: The Boardgame

I just released a small update that corrects a few crashes, in particular a critical error in the Windows build on Amazon. Have you been reading all of the wonderful articles about Neocolonialism’s release? There’s RockPaperShotgun and Boston.com and Indiegames and more forthcoming. The online server is really quiet right […]

Update 1.0.1

Well folks, it’s finally here. You can buy and play Neocolonialism via my website or on Amazon. If Neocolonialism rocks your socks, please like this post on Facebook. It’s been a lot of work and a lot of fun. A special thanks too: My brother Eliot for coding the server […]


Neocolonialism now has a demo! You can play it here. If you are a beta tester, you can download the latest full release here. Note that with the removal of in-game DRM, you will need your name and password handy (but will no longer need to authenticate online in order […]

Update 0.11.2 and DEMO!