Dictatorships and Coups

(A reminder: if you has a United States billing address Neocolonialism remains on a 50% sale on Amazon until September 6th. What better way is there to celebrate Labor Day than by exploiting the working class?)

(Also, Neocolonialism was featured in the Boston Globe. Read the article here.)

I have been hard at work re-balancing the game in order to have it working smoothly for Boston FiG. Several beta testers have reported that A) it is easy to consolidate votes such that you always have a majority in Parliament and B) that, while effective, it’s really boring. To deal with this, the next release will introduce Dictatorships and Coups.

If you are the only voter in a region, you are a Dictator and that region is a Dictatorship. It’s really easy to get things done (because you never have to negotiate with other players), but there is a special crisis in the IMF Phase called a Coup that can happen in Dictatorships (and is way more common than other crises). In a coup, you lose all of your votes in that region.

Ideally, this will make players avoid hoarding too much power. But I’m curious: Has anyone else noticed this problem? Do you have any further suggestions?


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