First Release!

Neocolonialism is online! Click “DOWNLOAD” to check it out.

This is a big day for me, for Subaltern Games, Neocolonialism the game, Neocolonialism the conceptual framework, and the American Northeast Coast. I’ve been working on this game since September, 2011, and it’s a wonderful feeling to finally, FINALLY, have a build that I can feel (mostly) sure that it won’t crash all the time if someone else plays it. Oh, there will certainly be crashes and bugs, but the game is basically functional.

You should play it with buddies. After that, if you’d like, you could tell me what you think at

Life has been really busy since I last posted, and the impetus for this release is that I will be at the Games for Change conference in New York from Monday, June 18 through Wednesday June 20. It’s time for more people to know about this project, and to try it out themselves.

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