Fort Lee: The Boardgame

(I’m originally from Jersey, which, among other reasons, is why this nonsense with Governor Christie disrupting traffic patterns to punish mayors that did not endorse his re-election caught my eye.)


In this 2-4 player game, you are running for New Jersey State Governor. You must secure votes throughout the state by disrupting traffic. The more traffic you disrupt, the more votes you will receive. The first player to gather x number of votes is the winner.


The state of New Jersey is divided into counties. Each county can starts with y number votes that players can seize. Some counties are more traffic-prone than others.


  • Draw Phase: Draw z number of traffic cards from the deck. These cards each have a different means/degree/overall effect on traffic disruption.
  • Traffic Phase: Place q number of cards from your hand onto different districts facedown, such that other players do not know what you have placed.
  • Scandal Phase: Choose 1 rival’s traffic card on the board. Flip that card right-side up, exposing the scandal and removing it from the board.
  • Polling Phase: Collect votes based on where you have successfully disrupted traffic.

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