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One thought on “Greenlight!

  • Mike

    Came here since I know Greenlight’s character limit is too small.

    I love this idea. There’s a very important part that isn’t there yet, though; I want to make sure you don’t miss it. If you can’t make this a part of your core functionality, it at the very least needs to be the subject of an expansion.

    The People need to be in this game. Why is a fair question; the whole point here is how thoroughly dehumanizing globalism is for both perpetrator and victim. So, what role would they play? It’s not like they can stop any of this. They are the primary resource being exploited, however. They must factor in.

    The People do not like being chattel. The process of wealth extraction must be hidden from them, or they must be cowed into accepting it. People in different regions will also react to exploitation in different ways, act on differing motives, and therefore need to be pacified by different methods. This should be represented by another phase between Investment and Policy where they pretend to matter. They cannot depose you or outright take anything from you, but by altering the product of your assets, forcing your political influence to become less blatant, and requiring more sophisticated tax-evasion schemes, they can cut into your bottom line if you don’t keep them scared and/or stupid. Through a mixture of propaganda and warfare, the peoples of the world are a financial leader’s most inconveniently indispensable tool.

    Africa and/or the Mideast would be volatile, obviously, but they would generally represent the least risk to one’s assets, since what they’re best at is exporting mineral wealth. They’ll wind up doing that no matter who’s winning today, so manipulating the people of those regions, usually by pointing guns at them, is mainly a way to to execute subtle attacks at the base of an opponent’s supply chain. South and Central America would operate similarly, but their cultural overlap with North America means that they’re more aware that they’re getting a raw deal, and are focused on the illusion of class mobility through education and such. As a result, governments are more likely to be hostile, and control will take place through a difficult mixture of shooting and talking. North America wrongly believes itself to be the endpoint of international thievery, so its people are generally non-threatening. But if they start encountering anything beyond first-world problems, they can become quite bellicose, ruining one’s political stance if they are not deftly misdirected. Europe is almost totally pacified, since they are the ACTUAL endpoint of this financial conga line. Their role as such makes them important, however; if they don’t get top shelf treatment, they can make banking a huge hassle.

    Hopefully these examples give you some ideas on how to adapt the concept to game mechanics, and thence to code. If you picked this up, I’d be eager to see your interpretation of the other regions.

    Go forth and make this game the tribute to failure it was meant to be.