I won a thing!

(re-posted on Neocolonialism’s Kickstarter page)

This weekend, I attended the MassDigi 2013 Game Challenge, a competition for which team can give the best pitch for the game prototype/concept. Neocolonialism was the runner-up for best indie serious game!

Approximately 40 teams attended, and around 12 of those made it to the finalists round (I am bad at remembering numbers). These were the finalists:


(The guy with the pom-pom on his hat is Marley Magner. He filmed the Kickstarter trailer and made the super-cool music and sound effects that will be in the beta. I am the hobbit with the fedora.)

The winner for best indie serious game pitch was Depression Quest, an extremely cool game. You should check ’em out. The overall winner was PWN: Combat Hacking by 82apps and you should check that out too.

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