Laser Museum


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The Laser Museum is: an actual development tool that we use at Subaltern Games to design Lasers and is also the best misunderstanding ever.

Every laser in the game has at least three components: an origin effect, a beam, and an end effect (some lasers have more than one of these). Danger, our Special Effectspert, made a bunch of variants of each option. Seth, our Captain of Industry, requested a “museum” that would allow him to see all of the options at once. That way, he could say something like: “I want a laser with Origin 5, Beam 2, and Aura 12” and Danger could create the laser quickly.

Seth sincerely wanted this “museum” to be a reference sheet, perhaps a pdf (we know that’s what he wanted because he is writing this post). Danger instead created a Laser Museum, which is a game-like creation where you can walk around and look at laser effects.

Subaltern Games now uses the laser museum whenever it is time to create a new effect. Have fun walking around and seeing how our creative process works!

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