Made in MA!

Subaltern Games had a booth at the Made in MA party a few days ago, at the Microsoft NERD Center in MIT. I got to show off Neocolonialism, which is rapidly approaching something approximating a complete state.

I got overly positive feedback from the people that saw the game. Perhaps the most interesting conversation I had was with a lady about why I chose to make a serious game that forces players to be the antagonists rather than the ‘good guys’ in the world. My response, which I hadn’t quite formulated until I was in the middle of saying it, was that first, the idea of someone playing ‘hero’ to save the world is a very problematic paradigm; and second, because playing ‘hero’ is mostly wishful thinking.

As I told people who stopped by, Neocolonialism is more or less playable, and I hope to release it on Sourceforge in a month or so, when it crashes less. After that, there will still be some huge pieces to the game that have yet to be fully implemented, such as music and asynchronous gameplay. I will continue to update and elaborate for free, up until it is finished enough that I am comfortable putting a dollar sign next to it. That day is severely TBD.

If you were at the party and you’re reading this: thanks for the feedback and enthusiasm; you’re awesome; and stay tuned for more news.

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