Making sound effects for NPLB

Marley Magner – Sound Designer and Composer

The plan for the sound of NPLB (so far) will be a fun mix of voice acting and analog synthesizers. We want to create a soundtrack that is fun and ‘cartoony’, but also somewhat realistic and ‘sterile’ to remind the player sonically of his or her childhood.

I figured out pretty quickly that real-life pineapples don’t make much noise, so I had to get creative! Using a instrument called a Theremin, I captured about 10 minutes of myself playing with one.

Click here to hear the raw file of the Theremin 

Next, I imported the recording into my Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and cut it up into individual samples. Once the samples were separated, I selected groups of samples that will match in-game character animations.

Click here to hear a sound effect in progress 

Finally, I used a delay effect on the samples. When layered together, and processed with delay, they created a lush new sound!

Click here to hear the end result

Next, I will be working on designing some voice-based sound effects for the teachers and students. I will also be exploring other synthesizers, such as the ARP 2600 to augment the theremin samples.


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