Well folks, it’s finally here. You can buy and play Neocolonialism via my website or on Amazon.

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It’s been a lot of work and a lot of fun. A special thanks too:

  • My brother Eliot for coding the server
  • Marley Magner for all of his help on the trailers and sound
  • My beta testers for all of their valuable input
  • Boston Indies for encouragement and advice
  • Friends and family for being supportive while I rambled about socket libraries

Please email me if you have any questions regarding the release (you could email me with other questions too but I might take longer to respond). I’ll keep posting reviews and write-ups as I learn of them.

As for the future, all I can say for the now is… pineapples.

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8 thoughts on “NEOCOLONIALISM 1.0 RELEASE!

  • Noah Young

    Hey Seth,

    This game looks very interesting, but its force seems to reside in multiplayer politics. Is there an integrated “online play” feature ? 🙂

  • Ryan

    Single player mode is too easy even with all possible opponents unless you are a complete dolt. Perhaps introduce a hard mode since currently those playing online are sadly nonexistent?

    • sampedestal Post author

      That would be cool, but also rather difficult–a lot of the game relies on backroom negotiation which is difficult to simulate.

      In the meantime, I’ve been reading through the server error logs and there may be a technical reason that there are so few people online.

  • Usman Manzoor

    Hi Guys,
    In my opinion, we shouldn’t think the concept of neo-colonialism as just in the game. Aren’t we colonized? Aren’t our brains are not colonized? Aren’t we restrain to follow the policies made by politicians and people in power? The whole world has been colonized. Anyway enjoy the game. Cheers