No Pineapple Left Behind




In a middle school in Boston, an evil wizard shows up and turns all of the children into pineapples. Pineapples are very simple. All they do is take tests and get grades. If they get good grades, the school gets more money.pineapple math

But if left unattended, pineapples can turn back into children! Children are way more complicated, and have needs and feelings. They are much harder to deal with.

You are the principal. Your job is to run the school.



We have a huge to-do list. Here are just a few things you’ll get to do:

  • Level up teachers and purchase school supplies
  • Burn out teachers and then fire them
  • Hire cops to turn children back into pineapples
  • Create art classes to make children less violent
  • Cut art classes in order to save money
  • Expel failing students in order to boost grades

We will have a bunch of scenarios as well as a sandbox mode.

Current State of Development

Subaltern Games has grown from one person (with a few helping hands) to a five-person team. We are committed to making the best game that has ever existed and that could possibly exist. But right now we are in hyper-alpha. We will have something for you to play sometime mid-summer.