No Principal Left Behind Internship Program EPISODE 2: LASERS

Part 2 of x of the No Principal Left Behind Internship Program in which YOU will learn how to be a successful principal.

Early on in the development of No Pineapple Left Behind, we decided that the player needed to be able to directly manipulate a child’s life goals, which we call “quests”. We originally planned to include a robust and subtle dialogue system between a teacher and a struggling student, but instead we added lasers.

Your default laser when you hire a teacher is the Negatory Laser. This laser will automatically end a child’s quest and switch it with something else.

By spending Experience Points, you can unlock more powerful lasers, such as the Cheating Bolt which, two-thirds of the time, inflates a child’s grades, but one-third of the time costs the school three hundred dollars.

Be careful! Lasers cost Energy, the same stat used for casting magic spells. If your teachers give too much individual attention to a child, they might be too tired to teach the entire class.

In the next video, you will learn about child traits and how to deal with cross-dressing students.

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