PAX! (belatedly)

(re-posted on Neocolonialism’s Kickstarter page)

Sorry for the delay… I had family and sleep to attend to.

PAX is huge. See this?


That is a small fraction of PAX, and far from the most crowded.

Also, PAX was awesome. I had a booth on Saturday on Sunday that I shared with two other teams:

DSCN0660PAX was a busy weekend. Highlights include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Being on the “Funding Your Game” panel at MIT BiG with lots of important people in the room (and speaking alongside me!)
  • Meeting some of the backers of Neocolonialism’s Kickstarter campaign!
  • Meeting lots of developers with interesting projects
  • People playing Neocolonialism and really enjoying it
  • Interviews! There are two early write-ups from Cardboard Republic and Married Gamers but there will be more… I will tweet announcements as I learn more.
  • I gave my talk on educational games at PAX. Unfortunately, the talk was not officially recorded… “officially” in that someone in the audience volunteered to record my speech on her iPhone, but she left before I was able to give her my email address. If you are this person, or if you know her, I would REALLY like that video.

Now that PAX is over, it’s back to work on the beta. There is a lot more work to be done, but I will do what I can to get the beta out by the end of April, as promised.



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