Three Days

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The Three Days

With a grimness that would have made the soldiers at the Battle of Lepanto blush, the members of Subaltern Games met circa mid-October 2014 C.E. and reviewed their circumstances. In twenty-four days, they had raised over $11K, but their best computations suggested that this fell far short of the $35K they needed to succeed.

Therefore, they took a gallant risk and awkwardly broke the fourth wall of their shtick andHEY YOU! Yeah, you. Seriously. Listen.

We need your help. Really.

We have plans for NPLB if the Kickstarter goes under, but all of them involve a much smaller project, a much longer timeline, and a very uncertain endpoint. Seth, me, the person writing this, works full-time at Subaltern Games. Everyone else is part-time. We need funding to keep doing what we are doing.

We had some amazing press coverage and we have sparked some pretty cool discussions on the Internet. People have told us that our game is important, that it’s incredibly surreal, that it’s making a very important message that most people haven’t heard of before. We believe that No Pineapple Left Behind is not just a really fun, oddball game, but also something that could help make the world a better place.

We are tremendously appreciative of all those who have supported our work so far, and we ask you now to help us get to the finish line. Share us on Facebook (if you use it). Tweet (if that’s what you’re into). Pledge more money (if you can). Talk to friends in real life (actually, this is probably just a good idea in general).

Key Vocab Words

Fourth Wall: The wall with the door. The one that is supposed to open. I never understood this phrase at all.

Lepanto: A strategy in which Italy allies with Austria to defeat Turkey.

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