Update: Fastidious Fig C

We just released an update for the No Pineapple Left Behind alpha. Download here.Thanks to all of your feedback, we have identified a lot of bugs that eluded us. These are some quick fixes:

  • Many people noticed a bug in which teachers/children/pineapples could not leave the cafeteria. This was very hard for us to spot, because it seems to only occur on slower machines! We fixed this by allowing entities to walk through cafeteria tables. We are now working at a better long-term solution.
  • Fixed: It is possible for students to morph twice
  • Fixed: Clock is often not the correct time on load
  • Fixed: First level objectives label doesn’t set correctly on load (money is always $0/$5000)
  • Fixed: Crash if unfriender laser zaps a student without friends
  • Fixed: Various errors in child attributes between saving and loading
  • Fixed: Intro music does not loop
  • Fixed: Frederick win screen text is inaccurate
  • Fixed: Budget label does not set correctly on load (decrements instead)
  • Fixed: Breaking up with someone gives you an ex trait with yourself (and they do not get an ex trait)

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