We apologize for the delay; we are correcting for egregious geographic determinisim

There are huge back-end changes in the works. No longer a weakling 0.7 alpha, a full-grown rampaging 0.8 alpha release will be out soon and you will shed tears of bittersweet joy. Promise.

In the meantime, let’s talk about how I’ve so far addressed that knotty problem of geographic determinism.

For the first time in human history, the map of Neocolonialism has been changed. Since the earliest prototypes (not including the very first, which had twenty-three Regions), there have been 11 Regions. These Regions have always been divided the same way, and they have always had the same Mines, Factories, and open slots.

Until now.

This is the old 0.7.2 map:

And this is the new 0.8.1 map:

Most Regions have less ‘slots’, or open spaces in which they can build Mines and Factories (slots are represented on the map by tiny X’s). Many Regions had too many slots that players never had the time to develop.

Meanwhile, Africa is still represented in geographic homogeneity, but the justification now is that you, the horrible capitalist, perceive it that way. Meanwhile, Africa has more space to build than most other Regions because Africa is really big. Furthermore, Africa is the only region to start with two Mines, as opposed to one Mine or none, a characteristic meant to reflect historical exploitation (in old releases, Southeast Asia had 2 Mines, but I couldn’t have told you why).

So that’s my game-balancing compromise for now. It could still  be mis-interpreted as a problematic statement, but this time around, I have a pretty good idea of what I mean to say, and I will refine that statement in subsequent releases.

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