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This is definitely a free alpha of No Pineapple Left Behind and definitely not a demo of the final product of the game. There will be bugs. And, there will be unbalanced/broken/boring mechanics.

Remember the old saying: “If you see something, report it on nplb.reddit.com

What is in the alpha:

  • Two of the nine levels in the game:
    • William Walker Middle School: This is basically a tutorial level
    • Frederick Jackson Turner Center for Achievement: Learn how to deal with late buses and some new advanced features
  • Features:
    • Comprehensive tutorial for everything listed below
    • Hire faculty
    • Assign magic spells to each teacher to teach classes
    • Assign lasers to each teacher to manipulate the feelings of children
    • Unlock new spells and lasers using XP
    • Adjust teacher salaries
    • Fire teachers if they are burned out
    • Children have very sophisticated AI behaviors, which include character traits, social networks, and daily goals
    • Deal with school quests (or ignore them)

What is NOT in the alpha:

  • Seven other scenarios
  • Various art/sound/animation assets
  • Features
    • Cops
    • Scheduling Mode
    • Overcrowding classrooms
    • Expel students
    • Detention
    • Librarians
    • Sports
    • Vice Principals
    • Teacher’s Lounge
    • Utilities
    • Administrative decisions
    • Localization
  • Probably a lack of bugs

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