Wetereologi is a Cantaloupian magic spell in No Pineapple Left Behind. It’s really funny. This is why.

Cantaloupian is the foreign language requirement in NPLB’s school. It was constructed by Jared Gimbel. Cantaloupian is based on a mashup of 12+ languages, and every single word involves wordplay in at least one of them (often more).

Wetereologi” means “verb conjugation” in Cantaloupian. According to Jared, wetereo is Maori for “linguistics, grammar, syntax”. The new Cantaloupian word looks a lot like the English word “meteorology“.

So, in a Wetereologi spell, meteors containing conjugated forms of the Cantaloupian verb “to do” rain from the sky and shatter into their constituent letters upon impact.

We hope that the pyrotechnics of the graphical effect (and that weird dance that the teacher performs) are funny enough for everyone. But we hope that  when you, dear reader, play the game, you will find Wetereologi extra-amusing.

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