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February 18 2016



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In No Pineapple Left Behind, you have to run a school full of children. Children have lots of wants, needs, and feelings. That's a problem, because if they don't pay attention in class and get low grades, your school loses money. However, you can turn children into pineapples. All that pineapples do is take tests and get grades. They do not have feelings and are not people, but they are much simpler to handle, and therefore much cheaper.


Seth used to be a teacher, and, disgusted by how the school mistreated his students, quit his job to make a game about the ongoing crisis in public education. He has a B.A. in history. His team is the rag-tag-est crew you will ever find, and spans three continents. NPLB used to have a publisher, but they went bankrupt, which ended up being a total windfall (long story). For the two years of development, there have only been lucky breaks, sudden upsets, crises, epiphanies, and shenanigans.


  • Nine different schools, each with unique features and challenges
  • Manage the school's curriculum, students, and staff without going bankrupt
  • Cast magic spells like "Trigonomancy" or "Covalency" to teach students
  • Dehumanize students in order to improve grades
  • Work teachers to exhaustion and then fire them
  • Dismantle the teacher's union
  • A sport called Fruitbol in which children throw pineapples at each other


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Indie Megabooth" GDC 2015

Selected Articles

  • "What sounds breezy on the surface is pretty damned dark with any analysis. I’m looking forward to/dreading trying this."
    - Alec Meer, RockPaperShotgun
  • "No Pineapple Left Behind is an adorable and deeply depressing look at the US school system."
    - Emanuel Maiberg, Motherboard
  • "Im a student myself going into middle school and i think is a exact replica of real school and i do realize that the teacher job is to teach and make usdo everything correct and we dont have time to have fun beacuase we need to learn in life to help us in the futer but i think we should do stuff thats more fun,any ways the game is fun and cant wait for more updates"
    - Bodie,

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Subaltern Games creates political art games that model social systems. They take existing game conventions such as the turn based strategy or the manager sim and deconstruct them to highlight the complicity of the player in a predatory role, while above all showing compassion for the collateral human suffering.

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No Pineapple Left Behind Credits

Seth Alter
Captain of Industry

Danger Donaghey
Captain of Industry

Miguel Gomez Selva
Animator, Concept Artist, Guru

Alon Karmi
Professional GUI Wizard

Kelly MacNeill
Chaos Sorcerer

Marley Magner
Audio, Marketing

Amy Mazzucotelli
3D Artist

Amanda Watkins
Concept Artist, Environment Artist

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