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Traitor Nightly is an experiment. It is not quite a game. It is not quite interactive fiction. It is something new. As a news reporter, you will play the board game "Traitor" against a grandmaster, and interview him. Pay attention. What he is saying is more important than the game itself.


Traitor Nightly is a small project by Subaltern Games (the creators of Neocolonialism and No Pineapple Left Behind). It was imagined as an experiment with video game form. What if video games were just an elaborate story-telling framework that we do not need to rigidly adhere to? What if winning and losing, combat and death, were essentially optional components of a framework, options that we could take when we needed them, and discard them when we didn't? Traitor Nightly sets out to do a certain thing (but we won't tell you what), and it utilizes a board game, an oppressive empire, and a news reporter as a means to an end, rather than the end itself.


  • Utilizes innovative "soft choices" to tell its story. Your dialogue choices will not really branch, nor will they unlock new content. Instead, they will simply tell you more about the grandmaster. If you knew more about a character, would you act differently?
  • A short, 30 minute experiment in interactive narrative.
  • A richly-imagined setting. The Pharostine Empire is a combination of late medieval Byzantine culture, Ottoman aesthetics, and America in the 1920s.
  • The board game Traitor itself is OK, I guess. I really think it's more of a plot device for something else entirely. But a lot of people have liked the board game, so maybe you will too.


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About Subaltern Games

Subaltern Games makes satirical leftist games. They are a motley crew. Seth, the Captain of Industry (me, the person writing this), is the only full-time worker.

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Traitor Nightly Credits

Seth Alter
Lead Developer

Marley Magner
Music Composer

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